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Established in 1991, Touch2heal has been based in Ashford for over 30 years.

We are a lovely team of four practitioners which aim to give you a personalised, holistic and professional service.

The clinic has 2 treatments rooms, a waiting room, disabled access, and disabled facilities. We offer osteopathic and acupuncture treatments as well as sport massage and reflexology.

Payments can be cash or card. We provide a gift voucher service too.

We are covered by the major health insurances.

Our Team


Cecile Kiener

Principal Osteopath & Acupuncturist

I discovered osteopathy age 15 when I had lots of headaches. Treatment was amazing and inspired me so much that after my A level in France I came over to England to study first osteopathy then acupuncture. I qualified from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in 1991 and from the British college of acupuncture in 1994.

Before I had the children,I skied, had a 600cc motorbike, a jet ski, and did paragliding for years. Wasn’t so good at kite surfing! but excellent at renovating houses. Nowadays that I am a busy mum, older and calmer, the demand of running the business, family life, swimming, yoga and the garden are enough to keep me busy!

I think I am really lucky because I am still really passionate about my work. I love the fact that I can mix the modalities of osteopathy and acupuncture in my treatments.

There is something amazing when you support a couple through fertility, then pregnancy and then through the childhood of their children or when you keep older patients flexible and as pain free as possible.

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Clare Dunn

Associate Osteopath & Sports Massage

I had osteopathic treatment for pelvic girdle and low back pain when I was pregnant. I was so impressed with the treatment, I decided to retrain as an osteopath myself.

My son also had treatment when he was a young baby, and I thought that osteopathy formed a vital/holistic’ bridge between the medical care from the midwives and the weighing and measuring from the health visitors.

Having studied for 4 years, I obtained my M.Ost degree from the prestigious European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in Maidstone.

My particular love is treating babies and children, so I undertook specialised training at undergraduate level to treat paediatric patients. The ESO is one of the few universities teaching cranial osteopathy to undergraduates. These gentler techniques can be particularly suited to babies and children. In fact I now work back at the ESO as a lecturing assistant.

I am a keen runner and recently completed the Brighton Marathon. I’m also an ex-Olympic weightlifter. Having suffered a torn muscle in my shoulder, I had to give up weightlifting but I do understand the importance of correct and timely treatment in order to prevent injuries getting worse.

I’m also qualified in sports massage therapy as well as western style dry needling which I combine with osteopathy for the best possible treatment outcomes.

When I’m not running, I enjoy spending time with my family. My other hobbies include mountain biking, yoga and dressmaking.

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I discovered reflexology myself when I was having difficulty conceiving my second child.  I had been working in a stressful corporate environment for many years and hadn’t realised how chronic stress was affecting me generally, but also my ability to conceive and hold onto a pregnancy. 

I found reflexology to be such a supportive and relaxing treatment, which helped to reduce my stress and anxiety, improve my sleep and helped me to identify and make positive changes in my life.  Following a miscarriage and a few months of trying to conceive again, I left my job in order to prioritise growing our family. 

From the advice from my Reflexologist, I had already improved my lifestyle and diet and was in a much better place physically and emotionally and I fell pregnant within a few weeks of leaving my job.  Reflexology supported me throughout my pregnancy and beyond (I still have regular treatments!)

This experience inspired me to train in reflexology and share this wonderful treatment with others.  It is why I focus my treatments on supporting women through their various life-stage journeys and have am passionate about helping others to reduce stress and anxiety in their lives.

I trained on the Level 5 Diploma in Reflexology Practitioner at the Wye Reflexology Academy and graduated with a distinction in October 2021.  Since then, I have also trained in Advanced Facial Reflexology and Menopause: Facial, Hand & Foot Reflexology and most recently in Indian Head Massage.

I offer a range of reflexology and combination treatments supporting women through their fertility, maternity, post-natal, motherhood and menopause journeys.  I also treat male clients and young people.  I am passionate about my work and find it so rewarding to help others and see the difference that reflexology treatments can have in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, reducing pain and improving overall wellbeing.

I have been working at Touch2Heal since October 2021 and love being part of the team there.

Away from work, I have two young children which keep me busy.  I don’t have much time to spend on hobbies, but love spending time with my family and we enjoy lots of activities together, cycling, swimming, netball, football.  I love being at home too and given half the chance will be snuggled on the sofa with a good book!

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Let me introduce myself, I’m Tegan. I am currently a level 5 student at Canterbury Christ Church University studying Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. I have just finished my second year of university, and am interested in undertaking a Master’s degree in Osteopathy or Physiotherapy in the near future. I am BASRaT certified in soft tissue massage and am enthusiastic to gain as much experience as possible.  

My interest in massage therapy sparked when one of my family members suffered from long-term pain and discomfort caused by herniated discs of the spine. From the age of 14, I began to try different massage techniques in an attempt to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety caused by the condition. From seeing these benefits of soft-tissue massage, especially in someone so close to me, I was driven towards progressing to a professional level where I can help others too! As of now, I am still thoroughly enjoying my course, learning about different muscles, injuries, and techniques used to relieve pain and restore mobility. I have some experience in sport rehabilitation, and if given the opportunity, would happily suggest or look into some exercises which would support patients at home. 

Away from the practise, I enjoy ice skating, swimming and hanging out with friends. I am very close with my family, so most weekends are spent with family friends eating home-made pizzas or enjoying a BBQ. I also have three big dogs, who need a lot of time and attention! I am also a part-time lifeguard and swim teacher, which keeps me busy in my spare time. 

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Touch2Heal's Values

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