The Elderly



Osteopathy can provide relief from the pain of arthritis

Osteopathy for the Elderly

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to become less active. Naturally as we get older we all succumb to the natural wear and tear life brings but the great news is this can be managed very successfully with regular osteopathy.

We treat a large number of elderly patients at our clinics in Ashford, Chatham and Dover using osteopathy and the fact they come back regularly means they feel they are getting real benefit from our treatment. Our patients think of it as their regular MOT.

Osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis as it’s also known comes from the joints wearing away over time. This causes pain in the joint, inflammation and muscle pain (spasm) as the body seeks to protect the joint.

Osteopathy can help overcome pain from degenerative back conditions

Non – Invasive Techniques

Our non invasive, gentle stretching techniques help ease pain by reducing swelling and stiffness, providing you with increased mobility. This therapy can help reduce the need for medicine which means suffering fewer side effects from drugs too.

As our spines deteriorate over time a considerable strain is placed on our back muscles and neck causing the body to stoop forward. Again using gentle soft tissues techniques we  can help counter this.

Also as we get older, we take longer to heal from every day illnesses, bumps and bruises. Surgery becomes more frequent and recovery takes that little bit longer. Our techniques can help get over these things more easily  getting you back on your feet much quicker.

Regular osteopathy will help keep you active and flexible

Sign Up for Your MOT

We can’t reverse the effects of ageing but we can help hold them at bay. Osteopathy is a great way to maintain mobility in your advancing years. Why not sign up for a regular MOT and discover for yourself how much better you can feel?