Sports injuries are more common in teenagers than children

Osteopathy for Teenagers

Your son’s or daughter’s teenage years can be very stressful for them – not to mention for you! The growth spurts brought on by hormonal changes during puberty create all kinds of muscular and joint pain.

At our clinics in Ashford, Chatham and Dover all of our osteopaths are well versed in treating teenage related problems.

We come across a large number of postural related complaints and whilst it might be easy to tell kids not to slouch, a lot of the time the problem is not directly of their own making. School chairs are designed to accommodate a wide age group so consequently are often the cause of poor posture.

Teenage girl suffering stomach pains


Heavy school bags draped over one shoulder (normally the same one) take their toll too (so encourage a backpack). Similarly hours spent poorly seated on the computer or playing video games have a damaging effect.

Exam time adds to emotional stress often leading to back, neck and shoulder problems as well as headaches, nausea and general feelings of being unwell. For girls menstrual issues start to surface.

As your children get bigger then sporting injuries tend to get worse due to consequentially heavier impacts.

Scoliosis can occur in teenagers

Osteopathy Treatment

The good news is that osteopathy takes an holistic approach to their treatment. Because we know how these issues come together during their teenage years, we take care to treat the whole person not just the symptoms of a particular complaint. This ensures their longer term well being.