Osteopathy & Acupuncture Testimonials



Please find below a selection of our osteopathy and acupuncture testimonials

(*Disclaimer – Whilst we are very grateful for all the testimonials we receive we would like to point out that the success of treatment and speed of recovery is entirely an individual matter and so is likely to vary from person to person. Therefore success rates and recovery timescales mentioned in individual testimonials cannot be guaranteed.)

*Cecile Keiner, our Osteopath at Touch2Heal is extremely good at her job! She has treated both my husband, who is wheelchair bound, and I very effectively, with great sensitivity and knowledge. She listens well to our descriptions of our problems and adapts her treatments accordingly, using a holistic approach and so keeps us in good physical health. The practice has lovely rooms, there is plenty of parking and the online system of booking is very easy to use. I would definitely recommend Touch2Heal for anyone who is wondering if they would benefit from a treatment regime such as Osteopathy. It really is value for money. Sue Rossiter – Rainham

*I originally attended Cecile’s clinic for acupuncture alongside IVF. Her professional, yet personable manner put me at ease at what was a very stressful time, whilst her holistic approach treated areas that more traditional medicine couldn’t. I am so fortunate that my IVF was a success. I firmly believe that without Cecile’s treatment, help and advice the outcome would have been very different. I went on to have treatment for backache in the later stages of my pregnancy (these sessions were pure magic!) and since my son’s birth Cecile has successfully treated him too. Cecile, I can’t thank or recommend you highly enough. SW – Charing

*After suffering lower back pain for a number of years, my family suggested I try an osteopath: enter Cecile! Cecile is a very adept and caring lady, approaching her clients in a very professional and humane way; combining all this seems to come easily to her. Having attended her clinics a number of times the improvement is so, so noticeable and the benefit incalculable. Thank you Cecile. Long may you prosper! Pat Norris – Ashford

*I have been receiving treatment from Cecile (on occasion Clare also) for many years now. Early on for injuries to my back due to heavy building work, now having retired I have regular treatment to maintain my health. Usually for injuries just one visit was enough to put me right now the regular visits keep me supple.Steve Austen – Ashford

*I would just like to thank you and your team for the professional and caring help. My mother (age 98 and three quarters) and myself have been patients of yours for many years. Our monthly maintenance appointments keeps us able to have a better quality of life. You always have time to listen and always there will helpful information. Thank you. Patricia and Joyce Jackson – Ashford

*I have been receiving acupuncture from Cecile for 15 years. I originally attended for the dreaded menopause, determined not to take conventional drugs. Before I found the clinic, I was not sleeping, I was irritable, moody, hot from inside out and frankly it was unbearable. After only a few sessions I was able to manage the menopause without medication. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Cecile and her clinic, she manages to sort out my problems for me, currently my knee which was so bad at one point I was struggling to drive. Thank you Cecile keep up your magic. Hilary Alford – Smeeth

*Magic hands and touch are the best way to describe the treatment I have received with Cecile. She is very calming and has helped me through stressful times, severe abdominal pain and uppr back pain too, using both acupuncture and various massage techniques. Its a very pleasant experience undergoing care and treatment which I feel is so beneficial to me holistically. Thanks again. Greta Mattocks – Aldington

*I was recommended to contact Touch2Heal by a very good friend who was very happy with the treatment he received. I booked through the website and made the necessary appointment. I have now had treatment from both Cecile and Clare and must say that I am an extremely satisfied patient. My back problem has improved considerably and I can again now get on with my sporting activities. Thank you both. Nigel Warne – Smeeth

*I have been seeing Cecile & Sharon at Evegate for a about 5 months now & as they have both helped me enormously with the severe pain I have been experiencing from a tendon tear in my shoulder. It’s not an exaggeration to say that without them I could not have functioned & managed to continue a normal life. I have also had treatment for labryinthitis, which I had been told has no real cure, well I can now say that it does in the form of Cecile! Nikki Weston – Ashford

*My knees had become a real problem for me these past few years so I started seeing Sharron in Ashford. Since she started treating me the improvement I feel is wonderful. She showed me some exercises as well to strengthen my leg muscles and I walk every day. It’s the best I’ve felt in years. Joan Havers – Bilsington Ashford

*I was sent for scans and blood tests but my GP was unable to treat the severe stomach cramps I was getting. Cecile was recommended to me so I thought I would give her a try. She explored my daily routine and thought that the stress of getting the children to school before setting off to work might be a contributory factor. Through a combination of a revised routine (to give myself more time), some diet changes, and osteopathy, the stomach cramps reduced considerable and now 8 months later I haven’t had a recurrence. Marie Joncour – Davies – Kennington, Ashford

*I’ve tried so many things over the years with little success so a friend suggested Cecile and acupuncture. I can hardly believe the difference it has made. I’m not really sure how it works but it does. It’s incredible.  Matt Horton – Chatham

*I had quite a difficult birth with my daughter Sarah and wondered if this was why she had trouble feeding properly. I decided to see Cecile, who had been treating me for back problems, to see if she could help. Over the space of two weeks Sarah had three sessions of cranial osteopathy. By the end she was latching on much better and longer and she became far more settled. Samantha Tomlin – Sittingbourne

*My son had a very unsettled sleep pattern which I was finding exhausting. My mid-wife suggested going to Touch2Heal in Evegate. Sharron tried some cranial osteopathy and the results were instantaneous. That night was his best sleep ever. I took him to see Sharron a few more time after that and now he’s totally fine. Jessica Holt – Ashford

*We’d heard about cranial osteopathy but were a bit sceptical however our daughter never appeared settled so we thought we’d give it a try. The results were quite staggering. We can highly recommend Touch2Heal. Liz & Steve Toseland – Chatham

*I first took my daughter 2 years ago to see Cecile at Touch2Heal with great success. Now my daughter tells me when she needs to have treatment! Apparently she feels all wobbly inside and afterwards she feels just right. Alison Telford – Ashford

*12 months ago my daughter fell of her bike and broke her wrist. Although this quickly healed she had complained of pain in her arm ever since. X-Rays showed no other damage and the doctors were at a loss. I took her to see Cecile and within a month the pains had gone. It’s now 4 months since her last treatment and the pain still hasn’t come back. Gemma Lamb – Chatham

*When Cecile examined my stomach she founded a really hard area and advised me to ask my consultant for another laparoscopy. They discovered endometriosis which was layered. I’m pleased to say the next treatment of IVF was a complete success. Martine Cline – Maidstone

*I had suffered with heartburn for some time and regularly took Rennies which helped however I hated the taste as they make me feel sick. I went to Touch2Heal and Cecile treated me and now after eight weeks of treatment I have no more heartburn. John Chapman – Chatham

*I got away with it with my first daughter but second time round I was in agony with my back and legs from quite early on. However my weekly visits to Cecile were pure morphine from then on and made a fantastic difference to me. Kay Bailey – Ashford

*With six weeks to go I really suffered with my breathing to the extent I was having panic attacks which made things worse. My GP recommended Touch2Heal in Ashford and I have to say Sharron made a massive difference. After two sessions I felt more relaxed and I certainly didn’t get any more attacks. Fiona Wright – Lympne

*I went to see Sharron in Ashford because both my ankles were swollen like balloons and really painful. Once she started working on them the swelling reduced considerably and was far less painful. It didn’t go completely but I found the pain much more manageable and I didn’t have to take any pain killers which was a bonus. Becky Ives – Ashford

*From month five everything was hurting me. My friend Hannah suggested I see Cecile Kiener at The Mason Clinic. What a transformation! Cecile made such a difference to me in just a few sessions. She also suggested a few exercises I try between sessions and they really helped too. If you’re expecting and are in pain, do yourself a favour, go and see Cecile. Christine Fry – Chatham

*I always had a lot of back pain which my GP said was arthritis. The medicines were of no help. I eventually went to see Cecile who had doubts about the arthritis. She sent me for x-rays which turned out normal. She suspected fibromyalgia and this was later confirmed. The treatment Cecile is now giving me is far more effective. Anne Sealy – Ashford

*I had gone through all kinds of medical treatment for my fibromyalgia. I felt totally exhausted and without hope until I met Cecile. Since she started treating me I feel my life is back on track and I’ve even re-started playing in the orchestra I belonged to a few years ago. Lisa England – Chatham

*The persistent headaches I got were really getting me down and I just couldn’t live on paracetamol forever. I went to see Cecile and after just a handful of sessions they went away completely. Wendy Reynolds – Sittingbourne

*My lower back was a problem for years until I met Cecile. She said it was due to shortness in my hamstrings. Amazingly, after just three sessions work on my legs, my back is brilliant again. Steve Jones – Sevenoaks

*If anyone deserves an MBE then it’s Cecile, she has truly transformed my life. I can’t thank her enough. Jan Tomlins – Lenham

*Sharron did a great job on my shoulder in no time. If you’re in pain I can thoroughly recommend Touch2Heal. Martin Waters – Canterbury

*I’m 89 so wasn’t expecting too much but my knees are so good now I feel like I’m 21 again. I’ll keep coming back to keep them this way! Ray Black – Chatham

*I am a sixty something man with deteriorating hips and eroded lumbar spinal discs. These complaints have caused me considerable and continual discomfort in the past, virtually eliminating even the gentlest form of physical activity and interrupting sleep nightly because of sciatic pain.

I was first examined by Cecile in September 2012. She told me that she believed she could ease my discomfort , but that during the initial period, my sessions would need to be relatively frequent, becoming less so as her treatment took effect.

So it was to be.  I felt immediate relief after my first session of acupuncture and massage, but this proved to be transitory, and for the next month or so I saw Cecile each week. After each session the period of relief lengthened, such that I was able, thereafter, to see Cecile every two weeks which I continued to do until the end of 2012. After that my appointments extended to three weekly, and at the current time I am seeing her once a month.

As for my physical condition, I now walk my dog between one and two miles daily, I regularly visit a gym – although avoid high impact activities – and have just signed up for a line dance class!!  I experience only occasional “niggles”, and I regard my sessions with Cecile now as more of a “tune up” rather than a necessity for pain relief.

If the above does not speak for itself, I can unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Cecile’s services and will be more than happy to answer any questions that potential clients of hers might have.  To that extent, she has my full authority to facilitate communication access between us. David Watson – Ashford

*I got my prolapsed disc playing cricket which was confirmed on the MRI scan. I saw Cecile for several sessions but felt the benefit straight away. She also showed me some exercise to do which helped relieve the strain. Bob Myers – Ashford

*I managed to slip my disc just getting my laptop bag out of the back of my car. The pain was excruciating and went down the back of my left leg as well. Apparently I had trapped my Sciatic nerve. Cecile was able to work the area to reduce the pressure on the nerve which made a huge difference. Neil Horton – Maidstone

*I’d never been to an Osteopath before so didn’t know what to expect. However I was really taken back by Sharron’s professionalism. She put me at ease immediately and quickly got to the root of my problem. Within a few weeks I was as good as new. I only wish she did dentistry! Alison Townsend – Ashford

*Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I could almost get biblical. Was in pain for months until I found Cecile. She laid her hands on me (and a few needles) and the rest is history. Seriously though, she knows her stuff and she’s a great lady too. I’d almost given up hope until we were fortuitously introduced. Thanks Jayne I owe you too. Richard Andrews – Wye

*Cecile, what a really lovely team you have. Despite your repeated encouragement, I think I’m well beyond my dancing years, but the difference you and Sharron have made to my life is wonderful. But you never know, if I do survive the next seven years, I might get to dance in front of the Queen in which case you’ll be first on the invite list. Beatrice Henderson – Great Chart, Ashford

*Cecile, not only are you a great osteopath but you’ve become a great friend and confidante too. In fact you’re so good I think I should keep you a secret from everyone. Oliver Henry – Aldington

*My 15 year old son Ellis had been complaining of back pain for some time. The doctor said he had scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) probably caused by a growth spurt through puberty. He recommended he see Cecile at Touch2Heal Osteopathy. After a couple of sessions the pain eased right down. I now take him every few months just to keep on top of it. Jo Watkins – Aldington near Ashford

*My daughter Amy became extremely stressed leading up to her exams. She was struggling to revise because the muscles in her neck and shoulders were in spasm and she was getting violent headaches. I took her to see Sharron who was able to release the muscle spasm which then eliminated the headaches too. Ellen Bagley – Ashford

*I’ve suffered headaches and migraines for most of my life and I virtually lived on painkillers. I only wished I had visited Cecile earlier. The frequency and intensity of my headaches are greatly reduced and far more manageable. Thanks Cecile. Beverley Naylor – Ashford

*My friend recommended Cecile Kiener at Touch2Heal as she had treated her successfully for a stomach disorder. I had never had treatment before so was a bit apprehensive. However it was pain free and my constant headaches are now a thing of the past. Amanda Mullins – Maidstone

*I’m 73 and been suffering with severe backache for several years. To make matters worse I love my golf which doesn’t help but I don’t want to give it up. I get Cecile to patch me up every so often and she always encourages me to keep playing which is nice. Secretly I think she just likes my company. Only joking Cecile! Ron Brooks – Ashford

*I think I can take credit for coining it “my MOT”. I go to see Cecile every two months to get a thorough work out. Since I’ve been going I have a lot more mobility in my legs and a lot less pain. The other thing is Cecile is so knowledgeable about health matters in general and she has helped me no end with dietary advice. Jessica Shepherd – Chatham

*Over the past few years I have had a hip and knee replaced. Whilst the operation was successful I did find that my muscles stiffened up a lot causing me pain. I went to see Cecile and through a course of gentle stretching the pain has gone completely. Cynthia Miles – Hamstreet

*My daughter suggested going to Touch2Heal as my backache had become chronic. I was also heavily stooped forward when I walked. Over the past couple of years I have been treated by Sharron and am pleased to say that whilst not exactly regimental, I’m now more vertical than horizontal and my back pain is a lot less severe. Paul Jessop – Park Farm nr Ashford

*My friends all thought it hilarious when I put my back out getting up from my desk but for me it wasn’t a laughing matter. Thankfully I went to Touch2Heal and Sharron quickly got me right with a few twists and clicks! She told me it wasn’t that uncommon either. I always knew working in a bank is more dangerous than people think. Steve Barnes – Wye nr Ashford