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Osteopath Kent: About Touch2Heal

Osteopath Kent

Touch2Heal’s osteopathic clinic was opened in Kent in 1991.

On this site you will find a lot of information about osteopathy, acupuncture and the conditions we treat. Please take your time to explore it.

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Cecile Kiener (Principal Practitioner)


Osteopath Kent: Cecile Kiener

After qualifying from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in Maidstone, Kent she went on to qualify as an acupuncturist as is now an affiliate to Zita West, the world renowned fertility expert.

Cecile uses both structural and cranial osteopathy as well as acupuncture in her holistic approach to treating her patients.

To find out more about Cecile and our other practitioners please click on the About Touch2Heal link.

Osteopath Kent - Touch2Heal - Cranial Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopath Kent: Treating You

Most people are aware that osteopaths treat back conditions but it is also an ideal non-invasive therapy for many other musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, hip and leg pain, tennis elbow and the like.

Many people are surprised to learn however that osteopathy is equally effective at treating the likes of tension headaches, pregnancy pain and digestive issues.

At Touch2Heal our osteopaths take a caring holistic approach to your treatment, treating you as a whole person not just your symptoms. Often the root cause of a condition may not necessarily be obvious from the symptoms as pain is often referred to other areas of the body.

For example a crack in a wall can be filled. This is treating the symptoms. However the cause of the crack might be due to problems with the wall’s foundations. We attempt to repair the foundation issue to ensure long term well being.

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Osteopath Kent - Touch2Heal - Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopath Kent: Our Clinics

Our osteopathic clinics in Ashford is easy to get to. There is ample free parking, disabled parking and wheelchair access.

To find out about clinic location and fees please click on Ashford Clinic.

Osteopath Kent: Appointments

Our practitioners run regular osteopathy and acupuncture clinics in Ashford, Kent.

If you would like to book an appointment then please contact us on:

07725 837356 (Evegate Ashford Kent)


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