Hip, Leg, Knee and Ankle Pain



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Hip, Leg, Knee & Ankle Pain

Hip, leg, knee and ankle pain can have many different causes.

Hip arthritis, growing pains in children and sports injuries are all common causes of pain in the lower limbs.

Occasionally, pain can be ‘referred’ from other areas of the body into the legs, so the pain you’re feeling might not be coming from the same place.

Sometimes trapped or pinched nerves from the spine can cause leg pain, such as in cases of sciatica.

This is technically known as a radiculopathy.



Symptoms of limb pain can be varied as several different joints may be affected.

You may have sprained your ankle or had a sports injury and have bruising, swelling or stiffness in the joint.

Diffuse leg pain that’s hard to pinpoint may be coming from a pinched nerve.

Sometimes sharp pain may be felt within the actual joint, with a catching or locking sensation.

Knee injuries are very common


Bunions, gout, plantar fascitis and arthritis can often cause foot pain and can sometimes be caused by ill fitting footwear.

Sprains or strains are a common cause of ankle pain.

Knee pain can have many causes, from inflammation of the surrounding tendons to tears in the menisci inside the joint.

Your osteopath will be able to perform a variety of tests on your knee to narrow down the cause of your knee pain.

Hip pain can be caused by tight muscles, inflammation of the delicate bursa inside the joint, or wear and tear of the hip joint, know as osteoarthritis.


You may have already had a diagnosis from another health care professional, but your osteopath will still take a full case history and perform appropriate orthopaedic tests to confirm the diagnosis.

It may be necessary to refer you for further imaging, in which case we will either work with your own GP or refer you for other appropriate imaging.



Touch2Heal use gentle manipulation to ease leg injuries


You may be surprised but many niggles can be sorted out within a few treatments.

Our osteopaths will apply a variety of techniques to treat your condition: articulation (moving your joints through their full range of motion), gentle joint stretching and maybe massage to promote general healing and relaxation.

It doesn’t end there as aftercare and rehabilitation are just as important.

You osteopath will be able to provide you with exercises to do at home if necessary to hasten your recovery process.

If you are suffering then please book an appointment to see us at our clinic in Ashford, Kent.