Expectant Mothers



Touch2Heal use gentle osteopathic techniques to relieve chronic back pain in pregnant women

Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Our Touch2Heal clinics in Ashford, Chatham and Dover successfully treat a large number of pregnant women suffering pregnancy related pain. It’s an unfortunate fact but more than two thirds of expectant mothers will suffer lower back and pelvis pain, both during and after pregnancy. For many the pain is quite severe.

So why is this and what can our osteopaths do to alleviate it?

Pain During Pregnancy

First, let’s look at the causes of pain. There are two main reasons. Firstly, accommodating the expansion in the womb as the baby grows requires the mother’s abdominal wall to stretch. However the abdominal muscles are forced to stretch beyond their normal state so reducing their ability to perform their primary role; maintaining body posture.

This lower back is forced to take on an abnormal amount of weight which puts it under great stress and causes pain. In fact 14kg (30lb) or more. Imagine strapping the equivalent of 14 bags of sugar around your waist. No wonder expectant mothers suffer back pain.

Unfortunately more than two thirds of pregnant women suffer chronic back pain but Touch2Heal can help


The second cause, due to pregnancy, is a tenfold increase in the hormone Relaxin. Relaxin is good in that it prepares the body for childbirth. By relaxing the joints in the pelvis the baby has sufficient room to pass through the birth canal.

Unfortunately Relaxin is indiscriminate in that it relaxes all the other joints in the body as well. This gives rise to abnormal physical motion leading to inflammation and pain elsewhere.

Osteopathy – Pain Free Treatment

Osteopathy is an ideal treatment as it doesn’t involve drugs for pain relief. Instead we use manual therapy to work the underlying muscles and joint restrictions causing the pain. In addition we can advise on some simple exercises that will help also.

Our osteopaths treat a variety of pregnancy related problems. Neck and shoulder pain is common (brought on by postural changes and breast development). We’ve already discussed lower back pain but Sciatica (the pinching of the sciatic nerve in the spine) can also occur due to the increased weight bearing.


Touch2Heal use gentle osteopathic techniques that can relieve digestion and breathing difficulties during pregnancy


Fluid retention can cause aching hands and feet whilst digestive issues are common too. These are brought on by pressure in the abdomen as the baby grows causing  heartburn and nausea. Breathing difficulties are caused by the expansion of the uterus applying pressure on the diaphragm. This frequently leads to pain in the chest and ribs.

The good news is osteopathy can help to address all of these symptoms.