Digestive Disorders



Touch2Heal treat a wide range of digestion disorders

Digestive Disorders

Take a quick look down the medicine aisle of any supermarket and you will soon realise digestive disorders are a big health  issue.

We literally buy dozens of off-the-shelf or prescriptive medicines to cope with digestive disorder symptoms.

However many of these digestive problems can be helped quite naturally using osteopathy.

At Touch2Heal we find more and more people are choosing to visit our clinic as a healthier alternative to drug based treatments.

Digestive Disorder Symptoms

The digestive system is a complex process involving many vital organs so naturally the symptoms can vary considerably depending on the cause.

Touch2Heal see patients with a variety of digestive issues.

Digestion disorders respond well to osteopathy and acupuncture

Causes of Digestive Disorders

As mentioned digestion is a complex process involving many of the body’s organs. It only takes one to be out of kilter to affect the rest.

Broadly speaking the cause of digestion disorders can be put down to one of the following categories:

– Stress
– Poor diet
– Bad eating habits
– Genetics
– Toxins & additives
– Antibiotics
– Drugs (legal & non-legal) or alcohol

Diagnosing Digestive Disorders

Just as any doctor good would do, we take a history and carry out a physical examination. We would look at the patient’s lifestyle and discuss what might be the healthy or less healthy aspects of their daily routine. Is the patient stressed? Is their diet poor?

Often we can identify patterns between events and symptoms. Armed with this knowledge, a physical examination will help us get to the crux of the problem.



Touch2Heal use gentle manipulation to restore body function to overcome digestion disorders

Digestive Disorder Treatment

At Touch2Heal our osteopaths understand that the body’s structure influences function so we look for areas of the body where the structure is altered.

Because we are trained to have a heightened sense of feel, we can identify these areas and can use gentle manipulation to restore function.

If digestive disorders are making your life difficult, the solution might just be on your doorstep.

So take a positive step to treat your digestive disorder. Book an appointment to come and see us at our clinic in Ashford in Kent, today.