Touch2Heal use gentle non-invasive osteopathic techniques to treat children

Children – Osteopathy 

At our clinics in Ashford, Chatham and Dover we specialise in providing osteopathy for children. The problems we deal with fall broadly into 4 categories:

1. Unresolved birth trauma conditions that can lead to poor behaviour, learning difficulties as well health conditions such as asthma, ear infections and headaches.

2. Growth issues such as growing pains and teeth misalignment.

3. Athletic injuries from the likes of rugby, ballet dancing, trampolining, gymnastics, etc.

4. Accidents resulting from such things as vehicle collisions and falls.



Using osteopathy, Touch2Heal can help rectify behavioural issues caused by retain birth trauma

The Effects of Post Birth Trauma

During the process of giving birth a baby’s body undergoes a tremendous amount of stress. Thankfully, the bones in the baby’s skull are soft and pliable such that the skull plates can overlap to reduce the size of the head to facilitate childbirth.

Whilst the compression of the baby’s head will release back within the first few days of life it is not uncommon for some residual compression to remain.These unresolved compressions can cause a number of knock on problems that can persist through life.

For example the pressure might cause restlessness in the early days leading to poor sleep patterns. This in turn can give rise to a lack of concentration which can adversely affect the child’s ability to learn.

Children respond well to osteopathic treatment

Touch2Heal Osteopathy

Similarly a lack of physical balance in the early days can leave the immune system depleted giving rise to various illnesses such as ear, nose and throat problems, headaches and asthma.

Thankfully children respond well to osteopathy. We harness the child’s natural growth and healing abilities and adopt very gentle techniques that simply pushes the child’s body in the right direction.