Osteopathy for babies


It goes without saying that childbirth is one of the most stressful events in life, not just for the mother, but the baby too. During the push to expel the baby, the baby’s body comes under considerable forces and stresses as it makes its journey into the outside world. A baby’s head is designed with a remarkable ability to cope with these forces. The bones in the baby’s skull plates are soft and have the ability to overlap and flex as the head passes through the pelvis. As a consequence the baby’s head may be a little misshapen after birth and this can be particularly the case if the birth is assisted with forceps.

Osteopath gently working a baby's back

Post Birth Trauma

Within the first few days after childbirth, the baby’s head will generally return to normal however there can be some slight residual compression/overlapping left behind which can cause distress due to pressure on the brain. Childbirth can cause also cause other problems for the baby. The diaphragm can be put under tension or out of shape around the baby’s oesophagus. This can cause wind to become trapped or make it difficult for the baby to keep milk down. Other issues can impact a baby’s ability to latch on to suckle and general tension can lead to poor sleep from an inability to relax.

Cranial osteopathy for babies

Osteopathy for Babies

Many midwives and health visitors recommend new mothers bring their babies to our osteopathic clinics in Ashford, Chatham and Dover within a day or two of giving birth. We are always happy to see them.