Touch2Heal treat knee pain

Osteopathy & Acupuncture

There is a misconception that we mainly treat back pain but at our clinics in Ashford, Chatham and Dover, our Touch2Heal practitioners come across a wide range of adult complaints.

We apply osteopathy or acupuncture (sometimes both) to treat joint pain, head and neck complaints, knee complaints, hip complaints, foot and ankle complaints, spinal problems, shoulder complaints, mobility problems, stiffness and tension, trapped nerves and the like.

Beyond the purely physical complaints we also treat for digestive problems, headaches, asthma, allergies, menstrual problems and so forth.

Back pain can be brought on from sitting for long periods

Causes of Pain may Not be Obvious

As people become adults they become more susceptible to physical trauma injuries brought on by awkward movements such as twisting suddenly or bending over. Chronic pain frequently derives from our working environment, sitting in one position for long periods can do it such as at a desk or whilst driving. These become posture problems and we seem to treat more and more of these.

Quite often pain derives from earlier injuries or operations even though they are not obviously related. Because of the way we are connected inside a problem occurring in the foot could easily manifest itself as back pain. Sciatica is a classic case whereby the severe leg pain is actually caused by a trapped nerve in the spine.

Modern day stress can bring on neck and shoulder pain

The Stresses of Modern Life

Modern life can be quite stressful. Tension in the shoulders and neck as well as severe headaches are a familiar knock on from this. The good thing is that all the conditions described on this page respond well to osteopathy or acupuncture.

If you are in pain and live in Kent then help is not far away. Call Touch2Heal today to book an appointment. Hopefully we can put you right in no time.